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A very interesting read. I found the 2nd article most interesting by also discussing fiscal irresponsibility, which many fail to discuss or mention. accepted to Sting’s 2021 Accelerate program along with 13 others is now backed by Sting, the most extensive startup support ecosystem in the Nordics, the entrepreneurs today kick off an intense spring during which they will be coached and challenged to reach results.

XROOM.APP is a service for creating private branded video rooms based on the White Label model. Here we answered the most popular questions.

Do I need an engineer to set up a white label?

No. The only technical action you will have to take is to add a domain record at your name registrar and trust us, you can easily cope with that.

How can I be sure that you do not secretly watch me?

Our architecture is peer-to-peer based. Your video, sound and text do not even reach our servers. When we add repeaters to our system they will be fully open-source and you will even be able to deploy them on your own machine if you do not trust us enough.

What is the maximum amount of people in a room without a booster?


Every day you work for selling other brands but not your own. Why does it happen and how to change it? Vladimir Osipov, CTO and Co-founder of XROOM.APP service for creating private branded video calls with a white-label model tells us. service with white label model engages to promote your own brand

In what way do you advertise external brands, and is there a solution?

During the pandemic period everybody has moved into digital and everyday activity has been turned into online.

Do you notice that every day during job interviews, presentations, conferences, webinars, sales, and consultations you sell and inertially promote external brands like Zoom, Skype, Google Meet and so on? And if you think whether it is possible to go another way then just read this article till the end and you will change your opinion about the possibility of strengthening your brand and business already today.

During every video call each of event participants, including the technical interviews by an HR department…

Let`s talk more about Xroom app as the world’s first White Label video conference and streaming software for enterprises.

What does mean “Your White Label Video Conferencing Solution”?

Both B2B and B2C representatives can take their businesses and presentations to the next level with white label web conferencing.

Now businesses can conduct webinars and video conferences with a fully white label appearance: everything from the domain name to the logos, colors, emails, and more are customizable to create your very own white label webinar software and white label video conferencing service.

So Xroom app is the world’s first white label video conference and streaming software for enterprises., that is a peer-to-peer videoconferencing service, have presented updates for its users concerning the chat, white label and hosts management.

We share the most recent updates with you.


Mute. In the context menu of each room participant you will see an option to mute/unmute their audio. You can still do that in the old manner if you wish, by setting the volume level to zero.
Invite with a name. If you send a link to someone who is totally new and wish them to have the name already set use name URL parameter. For example
Destroy rooms. …

White Label license allows anyone to create their own branded video conferences and streams.

Easy to start for any user

White Label license allows anyone to create their own branded video conferences and streams. Users can purchase a license for any time period. There is a special platform for white label management called

Anybody can choose a room type that will fit the best for their video calls, and start it in one click.

No registrations or installs are needed. To start using white label you only need to connect your domain to our platform.

White-label now includes new settings in the back office, new regions for a faster connection, proper SEO management, improved API and support for bots…

How to work remotely and safely?

Probably you are very interested whether remote conferencing apps are protected enough against hacking. That’s a really crucial question, especially when the whole world has moved to online format. It’s no wonder that a lot of hackers use such a situation with the COVID-19 outbreak as their chance to play with naive users.

During this rush time, the weaknesses of video conferencing services are revealed. “Zoom Video Communications Inc. was accused by a shareholder of hiding flaws in its video-conferencing app, part of a growing backlash against security loopholes that were laid bare after an explosion in worldwide usage, —…


How to arrange productive work from your home office? We have effective tips for you!

The format of work in companies has changed very rapidly. Many people do not know how to work remotely and it is difficult for companies to manage a whole team who has become working from their homes in such a short time. Nevertheless, a business must still be efficient in a new environment.

Here are the recommendations that can improve your remote work a lot.


How has business changed when a common working process transited into video conferencing. What has changed in video conferencing services, and what trends we should wait for.

Users` habits contribute to the growth of video conferencing.

Many times per day, a boss talks to vendors and customers all around the world. Contractors approve their tasks and accept edits without getting up from their seats. Every day recruiters conduct dozens of interviews and congratulate specialists on their new position worldwide. Tutors teach people from any country without crossing their thresholds. All of these cases have something in common. All of them are conducted with a video conferencing service.

It is no wonder that with such a daily variety of tasks and deadlines, the speed, simplicity and security of connecting with people, play a key role. Businesses and…

xroom app

Providing the world’s first conferencing platform combining simplicity, white-labelling, security and privacy. Also features, plugins, streaming & an API.

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