Coronavirus prevention with XROOM

Coronavirus prevention with XROOM. Work remotely.

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How could you minimize a risk of getting infected during ? It’s simple — work from home whenever possible! Luckily we at XROOM have been working hard to provide you with such a possibility for free. If you cannot negotiate this with your employer just show them and very possibly they will change their mind.

Other protective measures include:

  • wash your hands often
  • do not touch your face
  • avoid public events
  • cough or sneeze into a tissue or an elbow
  • seek medical care if you have symptoms

If you need a remote and productive work, is your conference room on steroids. Work remotely quickly and safely with no registration or installation.

Providing the world’s first conferencing platform combining simplicity, white-labelling, security and privacy. Also features, plugins, streaming & an API.

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