How anyone can have own branded video room with White Label solution within XROOM APP tool

What does mean “Your White Label Video Conferencing Solution”?

Both B2B and B2C representatives can take their businesses and presentations to the next level with white label web conferencing.

Now businesses can conduct webinars and video conferences with a fully white label appearance: everything from the domain name to the logos, colors, emails, and more are customizable to create your very own white label webinar software and white label video conferencing service.

So Xroom app is the world’s first white label video conference and streaming software for enterprises. You can get your own enterprise-grade conference room for remote working with cideo chats, webinars, screen sharing, recording, API control, remote assistance.

Created by XROOM.APP team, XROOM.APP presents such White Label features as:

  • Own brand
  • Own SEO
  • Own features
  • A variety of plugins (screen sharing, recording, API control, remote assistance. etc)
  • An unlimited time and guests` number

The involving plugins for enjoyable and efficient video connection

Xroom app also can help its users to plan their next meetings. It allows to book it and share that booking with all the people in a room. This application enables people to lock or unlock their video room.

Xroom app includes remote terminal client. This plugin is very useful when you want to help your teammates to set-up with their environment without setting up through their office routers.

Among the variaty of plugins is also a screen recorder when users need to record screen instructions and share it with your teammates.

Moreover, includes simple sketcher. You can share it with your peers if you turn on screen sharing.

Also new masks plugin is available now. Users can set up for their faces funny masks and effects to conduct unforgettable video meetings, engage their audience during webinars and have fun with friends online.

Easy to set-up

Xroom is very easy to set-up. The only technical action you will have to take is to add a domain record at your name registrar. The maximum amount of people on a regular home network connection works well with 7 to 8 people in a conference and 15 to 16 in a webinar. Under your own domain, you can have unlimited rooms. Xroom app is built with security in mind. The files you send like videos, sounds and text do not reach xroom’s server.

Anybody can choose a room type that will fit the best for their video calls, and start it in one click.

Customers create their own branded videoroom with White label license and strengthen their brand

How will Google index users` conference

An additional tool which a white label provides is proper SEO management. How will Google index users` conference otherwise? When a robot comes to a white label page — it sees it already branded. Customers can configure this in the back office on the domain level in SEO section. Moreover, when they share a link to their page on social media, the preview will also be branded.

Peer-to-peer is safe and architecture is peer-to-peer based. So users` video, sound and text do not even reach service`s servers. does not limit the quantity of the room for white label users.

The reason for the demand is that customers want to differentiate in the market. White label is convenient and fast for businesses, office and remote employees, and for stand-alone specialists, freelancers, tutors. Customers create their own branded videoroom with White label license and strengthen their brand.



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