Remember about web security during quarantine

Probably you are very interested whether remote conferencing apps are protected enough against hacking. That’s a really crucial question, especially when the whole world has moved to online format. It’s no wonder that a lot of hackers use such a situation with the COVID-19 outbreak as their chance to play with naive users.

During this rush time, the weaknesses of video conferencing services are revealed. “Zoom Video Communications Inc. was accused by a shareholder of hiding flaws in its video-conferencing app, part of a growing backlash against security loopholes that were laid bare after an explosion in worldwide usage, — as Bloomberg wrote. — Weak encryption technology has given rise to the phenomenon of “Zoombombing”, where uninvited trolls gain access to a video conference to harass the other participants. Recordings of meetings have also shown up on public internet servers”.


Being a video conferencing and webinar services, we at understand that different models of web communications and businesses exist. That’s why we at focused on peer-to-peer connections from the start. does not even touch user videos, those are sent directly from a peer to a peer. And after we introduce video repeaters those will be open-source, so that everyone could check what we are doing with videos.

Why you can trust us?

NO COOKIES doesn’t use cookies for identifying users. We use our own fingerprinting technology that seems to give us enough precision.

If you are not using server API or plugins you may be sure that everything is secure and no one from can get any data from your communication channels, whether it is video, audio, text chat or files. If you use server API then in personnel can get access to your room configuration if necessary for debugging. However we still cannot get any data from within your communications, as it is encrypted by the users themselves.


The data on visitors of domain is fully anonymized and we do not pass it to any third party. We do not even pass it to Google Analytics or any similar platform, on contrary to almost 100% of other online services.


Thus with any user can arrange a fast and safe video conferencing and webinar with no registration or installation both from a desktop and a smartphone. Among the popular use cases are webinars, online video meetings, remote schooling, technical interviews.

There is also a variety of free plugins. Moreover, you can also create your own ones. Audio and screen recording, pair and mob programming, room locking, phone book, sketching tool and so on.



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