We have collected the TOP of the most Frequently Asked Questions about White Label. Everything you need to know about branded calls.

XROOM.APP is a service for creating private branded video rooms based on the White Label model. Here we answered the most popular questions.

Do I need an engineer to set up a white label?

How can I be sure that you do not secretly watch me?

What is the maximum amount of people in a room without a booster?

But can I have more? I plan to have a webinar for 30 (50, 100, …) participants?

Why is sometimes room entering not instant?

How many rooms can I have under my own domain?

How can I set a background image for my conferences?

Can I add my own plugins?

Your tool is an SPA. How will Google index it then?

We need a custom bot or plugin. Can you help us develop it?

Can I add my own translation?

I have added a CNAME record at my registrar but I still cannot validate. What to do?

Can I use external hardware (camera, digitizer, projector etc) with your app?

Can I limit people from creating rooms on my domain?

Do you have a demo version?

Providing the world’s first conferencing platform combining simplicity, white-labelling, security and privacy. Also features, plugins, streaming & an API.

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