What makes webinars and online conferences comfortable for visitors?

From time to time all of us need to get in touch with someone for working or personal points. Discussing of a new film, colorfully talking about a new idea, convincing that our project is investment worthy, conducting a training lecture, etc. Whatever you choose, you need a result — a quick and secure connection with your interlocutors. That`s hardy to imagine that somebody would like to spend his/her time for registering, sharing personal email, instructing your lecture`s clients how to join a video-room.

When it comes to people and time, we need to use a minimum of their time and give them the maximum of convenient and fast service. Who has such service — has the clients, successful negotiations results and the reputation of a partner / interlocutor / leader who has not bags.

After analyzing what infuriates all webinars services` users, we created a check list. So what makes the service for video conferences convenient for all visitors.

  • No logins or installations on a desktop both as on a smartphone. When everyone was “used to” compelled registrations, which only differ by the amount of dedicated time and personal information, the website that offers high-quality service in one click, really differs. When there is no registration you feel comfortable both as your interlocutors, customers, partners. Who wants to spend their time and enter their contact information on each new website for just one negotiation or a video lecture? Therefore, we get a chain reaction of care. We care about everyone who visits xroom.app in order to get a quality and safe service in one click. And you automatically take care of everyone who will communicate with you, listen to you, and learn from you. Be sure you will definitely have an advantage with this service.
  • The easiness of holding a successful video conference (when each participant can both listen to other and speak) or a webinar (when one participant shows and other ones watch), even if you have never done it before. The world changes very quick, and new skills appear, which we do not have time to learn. A service that has already done everything complicated work before you — attracts attention immediately. That is why we did all the technical work for you, so you just have to enter your video-room in one click.
  • Safety without compromise. Secure screen sharing as well as secure text and file exchange. Whatever we discuss, confidentiality is always important, so we ensure it for you. The data from visitors of xroom.app domain is completely anonymized. Also, we do not transmit any information about users to Google or Yandex.
  • A variety of free plugins and the ability to create your own ones. Audio and screen recording, pair and mob programming, room locking with “peephole”, phone book, sketching tool — all of these features are already available for an every user. Without any registration or payment. So this means you and your interlocutor or a whole group of webinar`s students can use any of these plugins easily as you do. So you will involve much more people in the process, because everyone will be at work. An active and productive hangout is awesome.
  • You can connect your own domain to control the access. This will help you to look even more professional and presentable for customers. Conducting negotiations, organizing lectures and lessons, showing presentations on a video platform with your own domain is especially beneficial, if you do this often and if you need to develop a personal brand and your product image. This is a plus to your memorability and reliability.
  • Integration with Slack. It becomes more convenient to plan and implement your tasks when all the necessary services are available in one place.

XROOM combines all of these tools. So you can start now to make sure.



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