xroom.app videoservice has presented new improvements for its users

We share the most recent updates with you.


Mute. In the context menu of each room participant you will see an option to mute/unmute their audio. You can still do that in the old manner if you wish, by setting the volume level to zero.
Invite with a name. If you send a link to someone who is totally new and wish them to have the name already set use name URL parameter. For example https://lnkd.in/d-AgQtP.
Destroy rooms. When exiting a room as a host you now have an option either to exit and keep the room alive for a while or to destroy it immediately.

Choose the room type you need


Newlines. Pressing Shift + Enter will now produce a new line in your text input instead of simply sending the message.
Expandable input. If you have more than one newline the input will stretch to provide you more space for a comfortable input.
Modal mode. On desktops turn the chat in a bigger and centered modal box.


Default SEO settings are now white labeled, even if you forget to set them up you may be sure there will be no reference to xroom.app.
✅ You now have an option to disable plugins for anyone who is not a host.
✅ You can now disable rooms creation from the interface, leaving that to API only.

The reason for the demand is that customers want to differentiate in the market. White label is convenient and fast for businesses, office and remote employees, and for stand-alone specialists, freelancers, tutors.

Users can invite the hosts and start a video a video call in one click without registration and installs

Xroom.app team hopes that users will like all the imrovements, which this SaaS project has provided.



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