You promote other brands during video calls. But why, if you can develop your own business instead?

Every day you work for selling other brands but not your own. Why does it happen and how to change it? Vladimir Osipov, CTO and Co-founder of XROOM.APP service for creating private branded video calls with a white-label model tells us. service with white label model engages to promote your own brand

In what way do you advertise external brands, and is there a solution?

During the pandemic period everybody has moved into digital and everyday activity has been turned into online.

Do you notice that every day during job interviews, presentations, conferences, webinars, sales, and consultations you sell and inertially promote external brands like Zoom, Skype, Google Meet and so on? And if you think whether it is possible to go another way then just read this article till the end and you will change your opinion about the possibility of strengthening your brand and business already today.

During every video call each of event participants, including the technical interviews by an HR department and thematic master-classes, sees the logotypes, branded colors, and domain of NOT your brand, but of a brand which provides you with a video connection. It seems not very much equitably, is not it?

At least during the quarantine hundreds of thousands of large online conferences and small meetings have been held. What is crucial — all their links have contained the domains of alien brands that had been published in a range of announcements, invitations, posts on social networks, which had been sent to the lists of invited participants and in thousands of media.

All this time the millionth audience has been seeing NOT your brand name and NOT your logo. All of the links to the video meetups that your audience has been reading, included NOT your business name. These are millions of lost touches and interactions with the important for you audience.

But what could have happened if all of these Internet users had seen exactly the name of your brand and your logo icon? What if they had followed the link exactly with your domain that includes the name of your business? Sales, profits, partnerships, leads … — all of that are so important in a prosperous time, but during a crisis and post-crisis is especially crucial.

Our pain is equal to the pains of our customers. We understand that all this time we could sell and promote our own brands, increase the recognition of our logos and companies, raise the indexation in search engines. For many people, this still sounds like a dream, but our team is always ready to bury the myths of the unattainable or expensive private branded video room. Thus, we have proved that only a few minutes of time and clicks separate both businesses and individuals from a private branded video room. And the price of a monthly subscription for using our license is comparable to a mobile connection. The solution is named as the White Label. That we offer within our international service XROOM.APP.

What are the main features of working with the White Label model?

A white label is a model of cooperation that provides a product created for other people and companies, so they use these products under their own brands. Buyers of a white label directly sell products or use turnkey services that were developed, controlled, and maintained by someone else. The concept had come from the tradition of placing a white label on a product’s packaging, an empty section that could been filled with an image of a seller’s brand. So that, private video rooms of our customers are completely under our control. Our White Label license allows you not to develop a separate video platform, but to use a reliable template.

What are the benefits of using the White label license?

We will tell you honestly, often clients are surprised that it is not necessary to spend a lot of their time and financial resources to create their own video room. Clients enjoy all the benefits of the service — technical updates, free plugins (recording video and audio from the screen, secure file transfer, pair programming, sketching tool, Telegram bot, integration with Slack, etc.), flexibility concerning the number of participants, unlimited time for video calls and an unlimited number of rooms, created under your domain.

In this case, the help of an IT specialist to set the White Label up is not needed. You just need to insert your own logo and corporate colors into the template, attach your domain, and connect the SEO-optimization. When a search engine hits the White Label page, it already looks branded, which allows it to be indexed.

What are the perfect use cases?

For those who meet the White Label model the first time, and for those who do the first steps to get to know a product, our SaaS-team has prepared a compilation of the most popular formats on how to use a private branded video room. Our clients have shared their business cases with us. We strongly hope they will be useful for you too, and will make you inspired for fresh ideas how you can promote your business and spin your own brand online. video conferencing service provides a wide range of BizDev opportunities


A number of online learning platforms operate in their own branded video rooms with XROOM.APP subscription to provide its users with the ability to integrate webinars seamlessly into online courses.


That perfect case when all sales take place inside your brand. Our customers who had created their own branded video rooms under XROOM.APP, have already forgotten about awkward moments when they had to sell within some alien video services. Now, instead of promoting someone else’s brand, all sales occur only from your domain. That makes business processes of companies fully branded and improves companies`recognition as well as customers` loyalty.


A dozen language teachers from Italki did previously use Skype for their remote teaching lessons, however many of them experienced multiple inconveniences with call setups. After switching to XROOM.APP the time they were spending on solving technical problems became almost negligible. As a result, they got more time on actual teaching and their students’ grades increased by 15%. Moreover, their students stopped asking them twice all the time due to better sound quality and low level of background noises, achieved thanks to a noise reduction technology developed for XROOM.APP.


Some more of our clients who work with the recruitment on a daily basis use XROOM.APP together with our official plugins in order to conduct technical interviews. Pair and mob programming plugin helps them to assess knowledge in real-time, while via the audio recording plugin they save interviews for further analysis.

holding tech interviews within service with white label model is comfortable


Many of our clients use XROOM.APP as a free-paid service for internal team communication. It is convenient because employees need no downloads or setups on their desktops or smartphones. They can start their work from a browser straightly.

With the increasing role of remote work and project management, team coordination, sales, and consulting from any place of the world, the search for simple products that increase business efficiency and customer confidence, become much more popular. We understand customers` needs, among which ones are saving the business during the crisis, saving time and money, finding new tools that help businesses not only survive but also rise with a competitive advantage.

Our team motivates entrepreneurs, managers, team leaders, proactive freelancers to use the opportunities for developing their own brand and make their business more stable today, in online — that moreover means without dependence even to closed offices and borders.



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